King Chilli Pickle ( Bhoot Jolokia Pickle )

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Product Highlights
- Ingredients: King chili or Bhoot Jolokiya, Garlic, Mustard oil, Spices, Salt, Vinegar etc.
- Taste: Super hot & Strong aroma of King Chilli
- Northeast India special
- No artificial colour or flavor
- Traditional homemade pickle (recipe)
- Vegetarian Pickle

300.00325.00 (-8%)
incl. GST

Product Details

King chilli pickle is one of the most loving pickles in Northeast India. The northeastern state Nagaland is the GI tag holder for King chilli and the pickle of this super hot chilli is being loved by all, especially the spice lovers. Lesser that people know, King chilli or Bhoot Jolokia, also known as ghost chilli, ghost pepper or Naga Jolokia is one of the hottest chilies in the world certified by Guinness World Records in the year 2007.

King Chilli pickle can be consumed with rice. Though it is consumed also in raw or dried form, but bhoot jolokia pickle is more popular. Add masalas or just dip in mustard oil with salt, King chilli pickle taste always yum. Its unique aroma and the distinct flavor can enhance every meal’s taste. It can act as a taste enhancer if you add it with mashed potato (locally known as aloo pitika- famous food of Assam). It creates the best combo when used with bamboo shoot, which is also a popularly used ingredient in Assam and Northeast Indian cuisine.

Health benefits of King Chilli include- Fight cancer cells, fight type 1 diabetics, help in reducing bad cholesterol etc. The amazing fact is that even though King Chilli tastes super hot, it doesn’t affect bad to your stomach. It is even good for digestion and gastric problems.

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Homemade King Chilli Pickle ( Bhoot Jolokiya )

King Chilli Pickle ( Bhoot Jolokia Pickle )

300.00325.00 (-8%)

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