Pickles & Chutney

Homemade pickles and chutneys are everyone’s favourite. Traditional Indian pickles are a vital part of everyday meals. Uses of Indian masalas, herbs, mustard oil, sirka etc. in the pickles make it not only delicious but also healthy. Along with popular Indian pickles and chutneys, some unique Pickles from North East India manufactured with local ingredients have been introduced here. All homemade pickles or homemade achar listed are a must-try. We have tasted and taken feedback from experts in selecting the local manufacturer to give you the authentic taste of North-Eastern Pickles You can also try some of the healthy pickles that give you the taste of famous and unique fruit or vegetables of Northeast India, like bhoot Jolokia , Elephant Apple or outenga of Assam, or king chili of Nagaland. Shop unique North-Eastern Pickles at Kevitho and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

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