Homemade King Chilli Pickle ( Bhoot Jolokiya )

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Product Highlights
- Northeast India special
- Traditional homemade pickle (recipe)
- Strong aroma of King Chilli
- Super hot/spicy
- Vegetarian Pickle

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281.00300.00 (-6%)

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Food culture of NE India is incomplete without King Chilli! King chilli or Bhoot Jolokiya, also known as ghost chilli, ghost pepper or Naga Jolokiya is one of the hottest chilies in the world with a certificate by Guinness World Records in the year 2007. King Chilli pickle or Bhoot Jolokiya Achar is very famous in Assam, Northeast India, and in the entire globe as well.

If you are a chili lover then Bhut Jolokia can be the best friend for you. Fight cancer cells, fight type 1 diabetics, help in reducing bad cholesterol are some health benefits of King Chilli. Ghost chili has a distinct taste and a strong smell and that is the reason it is famous for and used in various different culinary preparations. This unique aroma and flavour of Boot chili remains in its pickle as well and the addition of mustard seeds, mustard oil and moderate amount of salt makes it more delicious.

Bhoot Jolokiya pickle can be consumed with rice. Just be careful that you do not touch your eyes with the same hand while eating. It can act as a taste enhancer if you add it with smashed potato (locally known as aloo pitika- famous food of Assam). It creates the best combo when used with bambooshoot, which is also an abandonedly used ingredient in Assam and Northeast India cuisine.

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King Chilli Pickle

Homemade King Chilli Pickle ( Bhoot Jolokiya )

281.00300.00 (-6%)

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