Mixed Vegetable Pickle

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- Ingredients: Carrot, radish. Cauliflower, chickpea, jujube, chilly, mustard oil, salt, vinegar, spices etc.
- Taste: Salty and savoury
- No artificial colour or flavour
- Traditional Recipe with only Local ingredients.
- Vegetarian Pickle

200.00210.00 (-5%)
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Prakrity’s homemade mixed vegetable pickle is jumbled with more than 10 vegetables and fruits of everyone’s favourite. Every jar of this homemade mixed vegetable pickle contains pieces of carrot, cauliflower, brinjal, radish, jackfruit, mango, amla, berries, star fruit, lemon, beans, mustard oil, chilies, spices and a lot more! It is a purely homemade traditional Indian pickle and is very tasty and full of flavours. It is salty, spicy and slightly tangy in taste. With the Indian herbs, spices and vegetables picked from local gardens and local markets of Assam, this homemade pickle is a unique combination of flavours and the small pieces of the different vegetables will provide you with a different taste every time you take a bite. This is not just a two in one or a three in one offer, this is a whole number of multiple in one combo! With the goodness of all the pickled vegetables and fruits, Prakrity’s mixed vegetable pickle is one of a kind!

This pickle can be consumed with both rice and chapati. Just be careful that you are using a dry spoon in the bottle and put the cover tightly. Best use before 24 months from the date of manufacture.


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