Chicken Pickle

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Product Highlights
- Ingredients: Boneless chicken pieces, chili, spices, vinegar, mustard oil, salt, turmeric powder etc.
- Homemade Pickle
- Exotic taste of chicken
- Unique taste
- Local raw materials are used in preparation
- Manufactured in Assam, India

275.00289.00 (-5%)
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Product Details

Feeling lazy to follow a long chicken recipe for meal? Or craving for chicken when there is actually no stack in the house? This Homemade Chicken Pickle is a must try then! Prakrity’s homemade Chicken Pickles with its exotic taste, goodness of Indian spices and the essence of traditional Indian pickle with the use of pure mustard oil has made it one of the best sellers in the stack. This non veg pickle is purely homemade and holds high quality, taste and totally safe to consume. Contains chicken pieces (boiled and shallow fried), pure mustard oil, garlic, vinegar etc.- slightly salty, slightly spicy in taste and full of magical flavours of Indian spices. In Assam generally chicken pieces are smoked or sun dried while making chicken pickle. But that makes the chicken pieces hard and extremely chewy which do not allow the pieces to soak the masalas properly. But here we are using properly cleaned and boiled chicken pieces and fried after removing the bones. This allows to keep the natural softness of the chicken.

This pickle can be consumed with both rice and chapatti. Just be careful that you are using a dry spoon in the bottle and put the cover tightly.

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275.00289.00 (-5%)

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