Indian Olive Pickle (Jolphai/Jolpai)

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- Ingredients: Indian olive/Jolpai, mustard seed, ajwain, mustard oil, salt, turmeric powder etc.
- Traditional homemade pickle (recipe)
- Taste: Sour and is Less spicy
- No artificial colour or flavour
- Only Local ingredients are used
- Vegetarian Pickle

220.00230.00 (-4%)
incl. GST

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Indian olive popularly known as Jolpai or Jolfai is a special kind of olive and is not same as the olives mostly known to people that are used in pizza or in making oil. This special kind of olive is grown and available in only some part of the country including Assam and northeast India. Assam’s olive, locally known as jolphai is a very popular fruit in Assamese cuisine. In Assam and NE India cuisine olive is commonly used in tenga jul (Assamese tengy curry), pitika (smashed potato), pickle and people even love to consume it raw.

Jolpai Achar

Prakrity’s homemade jalpai ka achar consists of both the flesh and seed of the olive, mustard oil, salt, turmeric and number of Indian spices and herbs. This olive pickle is tangy in taste and has light flavours of different masalas. Prakrity’s Jolpai pickle is not much spicy and can be consumed by people with low spice tolerance. The reason behind not using much spice is to keep the natural taste and health benefits of olive undamaged. Sweet olive pickle is also available which is made by using jaggery or sugar.

This olive pickle ideally goes with rice, but can be taken with chapattis too. A spoon of jalpai ka achar with white rice and yellow daal in lunch- just enough to keep your tummy happy and healthy.

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Homemade Indian Olive Pickle (Jolphai/Jolpai)

Indian Olive Pickle (Jolphai/Jolpai)

220.00230.00 (-4%)

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