The Angry Mother Papaya Mandarin Soap

Weight : 70gm

by The Angry Mother Soap Co.

150.00180.00 ( Incl. GST ) (-17%)
Weight: 70gm

SKU: ams-10
Product Highlights
- 100% Natural Handmade Soap
- Good for Oily skin
- Good for Acne prone skin
- Useful for Wrinkled skin
- Useful in Skin with scares and black spots
- Helpin fighting Dull skin

150.00180.00 ( Incl. GST ) (-17%)
Weight: 70gm

Product Details

Our 100% natural handmade papaya mandarin Soap is made from locally grown organin papaya , traditionally papaya is being used as home remedies for skin problems since long. Papaya is a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and beneficial for health and skin. Papaya is known to help clear pigmentation and remove dead skin cells. In one case where it is a bit difficult to collect papaya, process it and apply on skin, with this Papaya Mandarin soap one can have the benefit of papaya without any hassle. Moreover mandarin essential oil present in the skin helps reduce acne and brightens skin. It’s also reduces black spots, scars and age spots & wrinkles.

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Papaya Mandarin Soap

The Angry Mother Papaya Mandarin Soap

150.00180.00 ( Incl. GST ) (-17%)

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