The Angry Mother Soap Co.

The Angry Mother Soap Co.
H/no 228 thilixu Village, Dimapur, Nagaland, India 9402679664

The Angry Mother Soap Co. is founded by Akitoli from Nagaland. She is hugely inspired by her strong, self-sufficient mother, who insisted women should work and be independent. She took that message, dipped it in humor, and made it into her brand name. The Angry Mother Co makes soaps that are completely free of chemicals like parabens, surfactants, triclosan, petrochemicals, preservatives, and sulfates. Her brand The angry mother have about 22 different types of handmade soaps that are made using natural ingredients like homegrown tomatoes, fresh cow’s milk, hemp, french red clay, oats, cold-pressed edible oils, and essential oils. The brand also offers shampoo bars, lip balms, perfumes, hair oils, massage oils, body butter, and more, which are also entirely natural.
All Angry Mother Soaps are a natural product that is derived from plant oils. It benefits the skin in many ways. For example, it locks moisture into the skin and protects it from harmful environmental irritants. It also has a relaxing effect on the mind. Its aroma helps to calm the nervous system and lower elevated blood pressure.
Using natural soap is a good way to keep skin healthy. Natural soaps have antibacterial and moisturizing properties and can be used to treat various skin problems. The ingredients are often much better than those in commercial soaps, which contain palm oil and cheap chemical ingredients that are not good for the skin.

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