Raw Turmeric & Coconut Pickle

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Product Highlights
- Ingredients: Raw turmeric, coconut, mustard oil, spices, salt, vinegar etc.
- Homemade pickle (recipe)
- Only Local ingredients are used
- Unique taste
- Ingredients with health benefits
- Purely Vegetarian
- Manufactured in Assam, India

275.00289.00 (-5%)
incl. GST

Product Details

Raw turmeric & Coconut Pickle is a homemade veg pickle made with blended raw turmeric, grinded coconut, mustard oil and spices. It holds the health benefits of raw turmeric and the coconut enhances the taste. The spices including mustard seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds etc make it more flavourful adding health benefits as well. Turmeric of northeast India has some special qualities. Just like the famous Lakadong turmeric from Meghalaya with the highest curcumin level, the raw turmeric used in this pickle is also filled with super qualities, collected from the northeast India gardens, freshly picked and sold in the local markets.

Those who are enthusiast about new flavors and also want to explore the awesomeness of Indian herbs or those who are aware of the raw turmeric health benefits and yet do not like to consume it because of the raw smell of fresh turmeric, this homemade turmeric pickle with its very unique taste and the most original recipe is a must try for them. Raw turmeric is very good for skin, boosting digestion, an excellent antiseptic, blood purifier and has got no side effects.

This homemade pickle can be paired with rice, chapatti, pakodas, samosas and with any fries. Just be careful that you are using a dry spoon in the bottle and put the cover tightly. Best use before 24 months from the day of manufacture.

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Homemade Raw Turmeric & Coconut Pickle

Raw Turmeric & Coconut Pickle

275.00289.00 (-5%)

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