Namsesu Hibiscus Green Tea (100 gram / 50 Cups)

by Namsesu Tea

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Product Highlights
- Can Prepare 50 Cups of Tea
- Handmade/Hand Rolled Tea
- 100% Natural ( No Flavour or Chemical Used )
- Single Garden Sourced
- Direct From Garden in Assam
- Whole Leaf Green Tea with Hibiscus Petals

235.00250.00 ( Incl. GST ) (-6%)

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Product Details

Tea mixed with Hibiscus petals that give a slightly tangy taste and a beautiful pink colour to your evening tea is just the best thing for a refreshing evening. Namsesu’s Hibiscus tea is one of the bestselling products for those who wants to avoid the taste of green tea but like to avails the benefits of it. This is a most sort after tea for evening and the demand has been increasing day by day. This tea is a source of all the elements of a super healthy and refreshing beverage.

Hibiscus tea also known as Roselle tea is made by drying and mixing the petals of Roselle or Hibiscus with tea to get a balanced flavour of both tea and the flower petals. This tea gets a mild sour taste of the flower petals and the colour is light pink. It is the best choice to have in the evening, and in between meals . The making process of Roselle tea is same as that of a normal green tea. You need to bring the water to boil and add the tea leaves to it. You can make it strong or light according to your choice. But with mild texture the aroma of the tea can be best enjoyed. This herbal tea is good for a many reasons. Starting from weight loss, blood sugar control, blood pressure control, skin brightening, hair care, liver health, fights bacteria, antioxidant to anti-ageing Roselle tea has endless health benefits.

  • Ingredient
    Whole Leaf Green Tea
  • Caffeine Level
  • Calories
    Low or Almost Zero
  • Best Consumed

Brewing Guide for 1 cup of tea
1. Heart the water just short of boiling ( 80-85 Degree Celcius ).
2. Take around 2 grams tea leaf in a cup and Pour hot water ( 180 – 200 ml ) into it.
3. Cover the cup with a lid and brew for 2 to 3 minutes ( brew for long if you want strong taste).
4. Discard or remove the tea leaves and your fresh cup of tea is ready.

Our Brewing Recommendation.
1. We recommend using fresh boiled water cooled down to a proper temperature.
2. Longer brewing time or larger amount of leaves result in more stronger taste with more stronger tea with more astringency.
3. Always use suitable teaware and cover the teapot or teacup while brewing. Always preheat your teapot.


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Tea Type

Green Tea, Herbal Tea

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Hibiscus Green Tea

Namsesu Hibiscus Green Tea (100 gram / 50 Cups)

235.00250.00 ( Incl. GST ) (-6%)

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