Lemon Pickle (Kazi Nemu)

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Product Highlights
- Ingredients: Assam lemon (kazi nemu), mustard seeds, mustard oil, salt, turmeric powder etc.
- Taste: Tangy and is Less spicy
- Assam’s special Pickle
- No artificial colour or flavour
- Only Local ingredients are used
- Vegetarian Pickle

200.00210.00 (-5%)
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Product Details

Kaji Nemu or Assam Lemon is a special kind of lemon that is grown in the state of Assam and widely used in various Assamese cuisines, in preparing refreshing drinks, pickles and the famous Assamese tangy curry called Tenga Jul. It is larger and juicy compared to other variety of lemons found in other parts of India. It has a very pleasant smell and tangy taste. Assam’s Kazi Nemu Pickle or Nemu Achar or Assam Lemon Pickle is one of the most popular pickles in Assam and NE India. It tastes similar as the Indian traditional lemon pickle but has got the amazing smell of Assam’s Kazi Nemu Tenga.

It is less spicy, tangy and salty in taste. This pickle goes very well with Khichdi- the popular Indian recipe, can be paired with rice and chapatti too.

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