Homemade Ginger-Garlic Pickle

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Product Highlights
- Ingredients: Ginger,garlic, chilly, mustard oil, salt, vinegar, spices etc.
- Salty and savoury
- No artificial colour or flavour
- Traditional Recipe with only Local ingredients.
- Special health benefits
- Vegetarian Pickle

220.00230.00 (-4%)
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Prakrity’s homemade ginger garlic pickle is made with fresh garlic cloves and grinded ginger that have been picked from local markets of Assam and NE India, grown locally by village farmers. Because this pickle already has the amazing taste and flavour of ginger and garlic, no extra spices have been added here except few very basic Indian masalas. This traditional homemade Indian pickle is really very tasty and can be paired with any snacks or main dish.

Coming to the health benefits, garlic is good for blood pressure control. It is also helpful in boosting immune system, lowers cholesterol, cures hypertension, and prevents cough and cold. Ginger on the other hand improves blood flow in our body, decreases stomach discomfort, reduces blood sugar, reduces the risk of cancer etc. Health benefits of ginger also include- it comforts in cough, cold and keeps the body warm.

This pickle can be consumed with both rice and chapati. Just be careful that you are using a dry spoon in the bottle and put the cover tightly. Best use before 12 months from the date of manufacture.


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