Bambooshoot Pickle (Khorisa)

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- Ingredients: Bambooshoot, mustard oil, mustard seed, chili, turmeric powder, salt etc.
- Taste: Sour, bit hot and have the aroma of fermented bambooshoot
- Northeast India special Pickle
- Traditional homemade pickle (recipe)
- Vegetarian Pickle

200.00210.00 (-5%)
incl. GST

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Bamboo shoot is a popular ingredient in Northeast India cuisine. It is actually the soft portion of the tender bamboo that develops initially when a bamboo starts growing. In Assam and other parts of NE India, bambooshoot is used with other ingredients and delicious dishes are prepared. Most commonly it is used with pork, chicken and fish. Bambooshoot pickle is also popular among the localites.

Bamboo pickle

Bamboo pickle or Bambooshoot pickle consists of shredded bamboo shoots, popularly known as Khorisa or Baahgaj in Assam and northeast India, mustard oil, mustard seeds, salt, turmeric and a little bit of chilies. This pickle holds the strong smell and tanginess of fermented bamboo shoots and the addition of mustard oil, mustard seeds and chilies put in more taste to it. Unlike other traditional Indian pickles, no other masalas are used here. Bamboo pickle can be consumed with rice. It can act as a taste enhancer if you add it with smashed potato (locally known as aloo pitika- famous food of Assam).
Best use before 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

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Homemade Bambooshoot Pickle

Bambooshoot Pickle (Khorisa)

200.00210.00 (-5%)

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