Asamar Loka-Sanskriti (অসমৰ লোক-সংস্কৃতি )

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- Written By: Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barua
- Publication: Bina Library
- Language: Assamese
- Published by : Chanden Dey

195.00200.00 (-3%)

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Asamar Loka-Sanskriti (অসমৰ লোক-সংস্কৃতি ), written by late Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barua, is a study on the popular culture of Assam incorporating the folklore of fish, serpents, fowls, betel-chewing, food and medicine, oaths and curses, ceremonial dances and festivals; house building, dress, ornament, and handicrafts also include a chapter of folk literature of Assam.

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Asamar Loka Sanskriti

Asamar Loka-Sanskriti (অসমৰ লোক-সংস্কৃতি )

195.00200.00 (-3%)